Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a countertop apparent for your kitchen. If granite countertop has made it to the topmost of your list, read through the article underneath to identify if its pros and cons make it an excellent choice for your family.

Granite Countertop is a renewable resource. Countless industry professionals do not consider granite a true green product because it takes a lot of years to create. It is imperative to remember that the stone industry has made huge treads in fresh years to embrace accountable extracting and manufacturing practices. When unprotected from hotness, granite countertops will not liquefy or erupt. They are among the most heat-resistant countertops available on the marketplace. If you take a burning pan out of the oven, you can put it straight on your granite countertops surface without any damage.

Professionals do commend the use of a stand when using piece of appliances that produce high temperature for elongated times. Because the material is so thick, there is a minor likelihood heating a particular area of the top and not the whole thing, might cause the countertop to crash. Because granite countertops can last a long period of time, cover no destructive compounds and do not produce detrimental heat or fumes, they have a space in the green building crusade. Granite countertops are also very resilient to substances. Acids and bases will not damage the material of the product. However, you must remember to be careful of frequent use, nonetheless, as some substances will rinse away the sealer over time, instigating the need for re-sealing before the suggested time.

In a usual kitchen, granite countertops has to have 2-3 layers. The possibility of granite countertops requiring to be refurbished or resurfaced is low. Expertise and digital world for sealers has come an extensive way over the eons, and numerous will last above 10 years before necessitating to be reapplied.

Don’t be tricked by the label that all brickwork like granite countertops is lavish. Lower-cost granites will amount less than high-cost cover. Although granite countertops are not deliberated low-cost in pricing, there are numerous of inexpensive choices in the market. If you are seeking for something truly exceptional, you must consider a bizarre granite. Transparent to what’s usual in life, value is grounded by supply and demand. Some quarries are not certainly available and/or only able to be quarried for short periods of time all through the year. 

Quartz Countertops: Beautiful and Durable

Most people think that selecting the correct material for your counters can be an intimidating activity. There are myriad of options in the market and each have their own pros and cons. Like every home development plan, selecting countertops initially comes down to individual inclination and budget. But with so many choices to choose from, it can be difficult to see where to begin.

Two of the most popular choices when it comes to selecting countertops are granite and quartz. Both of them are lovely, sturdy, and augment a degree of extravagance to kitchens and bathrooms. Several people also observed that more homeowners are picking quartz countertops instead of granite these days. Do you want to know some of their reasons? If yes, you should continue reading this article until your question has been answered.

I definitely wouldn’t speak to everyone what they must or must not pick for their own household, but as you’ve perhaps predicted from the title of this article, quartz are indeed beautiful and durable. Of course, there are a lot of quartz countertop advantages and not a lot of disadvantages.

First and foremost, what is Quartz? Quartz is a factory-made product and can be very striking to many homeowners. The engineering procedure permits a much extensive series of shades than you’ll discover in natural stones such as marble or granite. The look of the completed engineered stone is amusing and deluxe.

Quartz has the unchanged toughness as concrete and granite countertops, but is fairly a bit more merciful because it won’t easily get damage or crash as easily. It doesn’t have the equal rigidity when you touch it and roughness is quite unpleasant for some people.

Like other solid surface countertop materials, quartz countertops are non-porous so it resists staining much better than granite, marble and concrete. It stands up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee and other sources of stains in the kitchen. For cleanliness, a non-porous surface means that it will not harbor bacteria or viruses. You can always be confident that you are getting your quartz countertop absolutely clean, and that’s a great benefit in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Quartz countertops are somewhat new, but they’ve comprise numerous decent qualities such as their eye-catching look, durability and the fact they don’t have some of the weaknesses of natural stone. If you are a homeowner, you must consider purchasing quartz countertops for your kitchen and bathroom.

Are Marble Countertops Hard To Maintain?

A durable and beautiful stone just like marbles needs proper and even extra care and maintenance to stay as naturally stunning as it is.

Who doesn’t love a well-furnished, tiled, and marbled house? When marble and the like stones became popularly used to furnish the kitchens and houses, it has become a craze for most people who can afford it. It’s been widely used all over the house, even on the walls. But mostly, it’s a beloved possession in the kitchen and bath.

With its irresistible beauty exteriorly, the said stone has its dirty little secret that only a few know about. Here’s what you need to know:

Marble is a high-maintenance, porous piece of slab. Geologically, it is very much prone and vulnerable to staining agents such as juice, oil, and wine, and those which seep through the rocks deeply, making it hard to clean. More so, it is difficult to repair without some professional help. It needs proper installation including proper surface coating and sealing as a preventive measure against damage. You can seal your marble countertops perhaps by yourself once every six months using a quality sealant.

Marble is not scratch-free. It is vulnerable to scratches even when carelessly slicing a lemon. Why? Because it’s an acid, and prolonged exposure to acids tends to remove the protective sealant that eventually makes it dull and prone to scratches. But, honing it – styled to make it look with a matte-finish- might hide the traces or scratches, nevertheless, sad to say, it’s inevitable.

Marble beautification requires extra work. As you can see in those images of amazing marble kitchen countertops from Pinterest, gleaming, dreamy, so feminine, and attractive, it’s irresistibly inspirational. Knowing the marble’s beauty possibilities, the different design styles are endless. But only means more extra effort and extra expenditures, and that also means extra care and maintenance on your part- it’s something you need to think through.

Marble is expensive. Depending on the types of marble; its availability, popularity, and even veining drama, some may cost less, but mostly those you find on the internet aren’t the affordable ones. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you can’t afford the risk of damaging your previously gleaming marble countertops.

The marble is heat-proof but needs extra care. This stone is heat-resistant which is a perfect option for those who bake and cook often because you can rely on the countertop. It can stay as cool as the central air and can withstand high temperatures. However, you can’t take that risk of discoloring and worst, burning it. Can you?

What Type Of Kitchen Countertops Are The Most Elegant?

They said your house design is a reflection of your personality. That is why everyone wants to build a house that portrays their character. There are many things to consider in constructing a house: budget, style, interior design, etc. 

Most home builders give high priority to house designs and interiors. While having a refined interior design may add class and value, choosing the best kitchen countertop can make your dining area more gorgeous. This feature is often forgotten by many, including homeowners. 

There are many types of kitchen countertops to choose from, depending on your budget and availability. A cozy, clean-looking surface is usually preferred because it keeps your kitchen looks snug and homey. So what is the best countertop for your home kitchen?

The Best Choice For Kitchen Countertops

  1. Granite- this material is the most chosen kitchen countertops among consumers. Aside from its offered elegance, granite is known for its durability. You can even choose from thousands of different colors! According to some homeowners, having a granite kitchen countertop adds up to the selling value due to its high price.
  2. Marble- this natural stone is also a popular choice for a kitchen countertop. If you own a marble countertop, you surely own a unique countertop. Each marble is different from the other, so no marbles are the same! It is often expensive and only used as an island counter. It is also popular for its heatproof and waterproof nature.
  3. Soapstone- if you prefer dark and opaque colors, then soapstone is the best choice. Soapstone is popular for its antique appearance and impermeability. Worried about scratches? There is no need because it enhances your antique home theme.
  4. Quartz- is said to be a great option for marbles and granite. Quartz stones are actually made with other minerals. Also one of the expensive types of countertops, it is durable to stains and acid. Quartz also offers a more natural look, although it may be too heavy for a kitchen countertop. 
  5. Ceramic- more affordable than any other stone, ceramic offers the same physical features. Ceramics are easy to clean and invulnerable to heat. However, it is said to be more fragile than other stones. 
  6. Hard Wood- this type of kitchen countertop gives a warm color to your kitchen. Maple and oak tree are the usual source of wood slabs. Having this type of countertop needs extra care since it can be destroyed in water. 

Cleaning Your Countertops: Hints and Tips

There’s an extensive list of advantages for various countertops in terms of exquisiteness and purpose, and one certain matter could be its maintenance. The way of cleaning countertops are very sensitive. There are countertops that are very oily and as a household owner, you must know what could be the best way to restore the exterior’s shine. Also, cleaning countertops is difficult due to the staining. A droplet of rosy wine can lead you to possibility to buy a new countertop. Fortunately, there are some things you can do on a daily or as a required foundation to keep your countertops looking like new. Be noted that you’ll need some vinegar, plus perhaps some salt and lemons.

There’s a lot of dissimilar instruction about how to clean countertops. You might have done your own research and think that you have discovered a consensus among stone experts on how to care for granite. You really don’t need any special cleaners to get those countertops glossy and streak-free. Just get some gentle dish soap, microfiber cloths, and maybe some isopropyl alcohol.

Marble countertops are indeed wonderful and fantastic. But marble countertops can scrape, cut, and blemish so easily. However, these kinds of countertops are pretty easy to clean on a daily basis! You really just need a spray bottle, warm water, non-abrasive dish soap, and some towels. Just evade acidic natural cleaners like vinegar and lemon juice, as those can scratch the surface. For profounder stains such as red wine, you’ll need to create a glue out of water and baking soda and let it be seated on a particular part for at least 24 hours.

The tough thing about tile is actually the grout. While tiles can flaw and blow, they’re typically pretty easy to sponge clean, of course, violent cleaning can ruin a high-gloss surface. The filling, on the other hand, can gather food elements and be disposed to to discoloration. A scrubbing powder and peroxide is the best way to keep the filling glittering and white.

Your kitchen countertops are exactly the mainstay of the kitchen. Even on times you don’t see to any culinary, you possibly use your countertops. It’s where you drop down every day’s delivery. While you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, it’s where you stand. It’s where you unpack groceries. And on the days you cook, well, then it’s getting splashed with constituents gone astray, enclosed with morsels, and more. The point is that countertops may take a lot of abuse without proper cleaning.