What Types Of Kitchen Countertops Are The Most Elegant?

They say your house design is a reflection of your personality. That is why everyone wants to build a house that portrays their character. There are many things to consider in constructing a house: budget, style, interior design among them.

Most home builders give high priority to interior designs, because it boosts sales. While having a refined interior may add class and value, choosing the best kitchen countertop can make your food preparation and dining area gorgeous. This feature is often cited as the number one reason home buyers choose a particular house.

There are many types of kitchen countertops to choose from, depending on your budget. A cozy, clean-looking surface is usually preferred because it keeps your kitchen looks snug and homey. So what is the best countertop for your home kitchen?

The Best Choice For Kitchen Countertops

  1. Granite – this material is the most chosen kitchen countertops among consumers. Aside from its offered elegance, granite is known for its durability. You can even choose from thousands of different colors! According to some homeowners, having a granite kitchen countertop adds up to the selling value due to its high price.
  2. Marble – this natural stone is also a popular choice for a kitchen countertop. If you own a marble countertop, you surely own a unique countertop. Each marble is different from the other, so no marbles are the same! It is often expensive and only used as an island counter. It is also popular for its heatproof and waterproof nature.
  3. Soapstone – if you prefer dark and opaque colors, then soapstone is the best choice. Soapstone is popular for its antique appearance and impermeability. Worried about scratches? There is no need because it enhances your antique home theme.
  4. Quartz – is said to be a great option for marbles and granite. Quartz stones are actually made with other minerals. Also one of the expensive types of countertops, it is durable to stains and acid. Quartz also offers a more natural look, although it may be too heavy for a kitchen countertop. 
  5. Ceramic – more affordable than any other stone, ceramic offers the same physical features. Ceramics are easy to clean and invulnerable to heat. However, it is said to be more fragile than other stones. 
  6. Hard Wood – this type of kitchen countertop gives a warm color to your kitchen. Maple and oak tree are the usual source of wood slabs. Having this type of countertop needs extra care since it can be destroyed in water.