Are Marble Countertops Hard To Maintain?

A durable and beautiful stone like marble needs proper, and even extra, care and maintenance to remain naturally stunning.

Who doesn’t love a well-furnished house appointed in tile and marble? Now that marble and similar stone has become popularly available to furnish kitchens and bathrooms, it has become a go-to material for people who can afford it. It’s been widely used all over the house, in fact, even on walls. But it’s still most commonly-seen in the kitchen and bath.

Even with its irresistible beauty, however, marble has a dirty little secret that only a few know about. Here’s what you need to know:

Marble is a high-maintenance, porous piece of slab. Geologically, it is very much prone and vulnerable to staining agents such as juice, oil, and wine, and those which seep through the rocks deeply, making it hard to clean. More so, it is difficult to repair without some professional help. It needs proper installation including proper surface coating and sealing as a preventive measure against damage. You can seal your marble countertops perhaps by yourself once every six months using a quality sealant.

Marble is not scratch-free. It is vulnerable to scratches even when carelessly slicing a lemon. Why? Because it’s an acid, and prolonged exposure to acids tends to remove the protective sealant that eventually makes it dull and prone to scratches. But, honing it – styled to make it look with a matte-finish- might hide the traces or scratches, nevertheless, sad to say, it’s inevitable.

Marble beautification requires extra work. As you can see in those images of amazing marble kitchen countertops from Pinterest, gleaming, dreamy, so feminine, and attractive, it’s irresistibly inspirational. Knowing the marble’s beauty possibilities, the different design styles are endless. But only means more extra effort and extra expenditures, and that also means extra care and maintenance on your part- it’s something you need to think through.

Marble is expensive. Depending on the types of marble; its availability, popularity, and even veining drama, some may cost less, but mostly those you find on the internet aren’t the affordable ones. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you can’t afford the risk of damaging your previously gleaming marble countertops.

The marble is heat-proof but needs extra care. This stone is heat-resistant which is a perfect option for those who bake and cook often because you can rely on the countertop. It can stay as cool as the central air and can withstand high temperatures. However, you can’t take that risk of discoloring and worst, burning it. Can you?