Natural vs. Laminate Countertops: How To Choose

Kitchen sinks and countertops form an important part of the cooking place for this is where you place cooking materials, ingredients and condiments. However, these days, homeowners are deviating away from the tiled countertops in favor of the more natural ones. Going environmentally friendly with kitchen placements is becoming popular not only because it helps the environment but it also makes countertops look stylish and more beautiful.

Going green

Modeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive portion house expenses. One of the advantages with natural countertops is that it stays longer compared to synthetic ones making one’s money worth the price. It sets the tone for the whole kitchen atmosphere and reflects the kind of style the owner has.

  • Granite – still the most sought after, this stone turns more elegant and more beautiful as it ages. Many still believed that it is easy to stain or scratch, but the stone proves to be very durable
  • Marble – a beautiful stone that forms foliated structure which highlights its design. It adds aesthetic value to a kitchen countertop
  • Quartz – featuring varied hues of natural stone green and deep blue hue, it is makes a consistent countertop
  • Wild wood – adding a change in atmosphere, wooden countertops look more natural and makes an exotic touch

Choosing the best countertop material

Before hitting the shop to get the material you need, be sure that you are aware of the type of kitchen you are after. A quick look at the make and model of your kitchen can help you choose the material correctly.

  • Wood work choice – in choosing the best wood, pick an exotic one. If the budget permits, make use of the wood that has interesting patterns and designs and also emit wonderful scent. It is best to use for medium sized kitchen with an open hallway opening.
  • Stone cut choice – a wide variety of stones can actually be daunting to choose from. For more natural countertops feel, go for dark tone type with striking pattern. Lime, marble and granite are best choices for their large streak designs.
  • Mix and match – you can create unique patterns by doing a mix and match with the stone cut of your choice. Pairing stone cut choice with varying texture and tone can add a twist to your kitchen. This often works with bar-type countertops or for businesses which often highlight and utilize most of their kitchen work in their countertop.