Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a countertop for your kitchen. If granite countertops have made it to the top of your shopping list, this article will help you understand their pros and cons, so you’ll know whether it’s the best choice for your family.

Granite is a renewable resource. Countless industry professionals do not consider granite a true green product, however, because it takes a lot of years to create. Even so, the stone industry has made huge gains in recent years to embrace accountable extracting and manufacturing practices.

Granite countertops will not burn, split or break under normal circumstances. They are among the most heat-resistant countertops available on the marketplace; if you take a burning pan out of the oven, you can put it straight onto your granite countertops without causing any damage.

Professionals do commend the use of a stand when using piece of appliances that produce high temperature for elongated times. Because the material is so thick, there is a minor likelihood heating a particular area of the top and not the whole thing, might cause the countertop to crash. Because granite countertops can last a long period of time, cover no destructive compounds and do not produce detrimental heat or fumes, they have a space in the green building crusade. Granite countertops are also very resilient to substances. Acids and bases will not damage the material of the product. However, you must remember to be careful of frequent use, nonetheless, as some substances will rinse away the sealer over time, instigating the need for re-sealing before the suggested time.

In a usual kitchen, granite countertops has to have 2-3 layers. The possibility of granite countertops requiring to be refurbished or resurfaced is low. Expertise and digital world for sealers has come an extensive way over the eons, and numerous will last above 10 years before necessitating to be reapplied.

Don’t be tricked by the label that all brickwork like granite countertops is lavish. Lower-cost granites will amount less than high-cost cover. Although granite countertops are not deliberated low-cost in pricing, there are numerous of inexpensive choices in the market. If you are seeking for something truly exceptional, you must consider a bizarre granite. Transparent to what’s usual in life, value is grounded by supply and demand. Some quarries are not certainly available and/or only able to be quarried for short periods of time all through the year.